The risk of acne in adult women

The appearance of rashes and acne on the skin can occur not only in the transition period. In some cases, adults and even older people suffer from similar problems on a par with adolescents. Acne in women deserves special attention: in adulthood, the disease develops more often in women than in men.

One of the main reasons for the appearance of acne in adult women is the violation of the hormonal balance, that is, the excessive production of one hormone and the lack of others. If a woman has malfunctions in the functioning of the ovaries, pituitary gland, adrenal gland, and thyroid gland, a number of abnormalities are observed, in normal conditions uncharacteristic for the female body. It can be the active growth of hair on the body and face, hoarseness of voice, change of figure to the male type, excessive production of sebum. The excessive activity of the sebaceous glands leads to the appearance of acne.

Male hormones are responsible for the production of skin fat androgens (in particular – testosterone). Some women mistakenly believe that their body produces exclusively female hormones, but this is not so. Under normal conditions, female and male hormones are balanced.

With increased production of androgens, the keratinization of sebaceous ducts is observed in women – the so-called hyperkeratinization. As a result, an increase in the sebaceous glands and a decrease in the ratio of linolenic acid are observed. In turn, this leads to a decrease in local immunity, the penetration of bacteria, their reproduction and inflammatory process with suppuration. The risk of acne in adult women

Women with a normal hormonal background also may face acne. Usually, it occurs on the eve of menstruation or immediately after its completion – it is a question of so-called premenstrual and postmenstrual acne. Eruptions are temporary and pass independently closer to the beginning or the middle of the cycle. Their appearance happens due to a decrease in the level of estrogen and an increase in progesterone.

Among the hormonal causes of acne in women is also worth noting the intake of oral contraceptives, pregnancy, lactation, abortion, and menopause. All these periods are characterized by changes in the hormonal background and can be marked by the appearance of acne in women.

For the treatment of acne in women, it is necessary to establish exactly the cause of the rashes and use the appropriate drug, for example, Accutane or other remedies available in pharmacies. Be sure to consult with a specialist!

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