Precautions and prevention of acne

Acne can be prevented by observing personal hygiene, proper nutrition, excluding bad habits and the main causes of the rash. It is important to remember that acne on the back and shoulders can talk about serious diseases: herpes, chronic infection, neurological disorders. In this regard, you need to visit a beautician or dermatologist regularly to maintain healthy skin in a normal state. Precautions and prevention of acne

Recommendations for skin care are:

  • body sponge should be soft and changed often
  • soap should be used only in liquid form
  • while taking a shower, you first need to wash your hair, and only then – shoulders and hands
  • you need to stop using the body scrub in the period of active rash, as there is a risk of infection and severe irritation, which you can get rid of with a doctor already
  • even with a minor skin injury in the back, on the shoulders or hands, you need to lubricate the wound with an antiseptic; otherwise, it can cause infection and more acne on the back
  • lubricate elbows with Panthenol or regular moisturizing hand cream.

It is safe to treat acne on the back and shoulders for a long time with folk remedies, combining various techniques. Effective folk remedies for acne on the shoulders and back are:

  • infusion of chamomile and sage. Rub the skin in the area of acne on the back, hands or shoulders
  • preparing compresses from the collection of herbs, which clean the skin and increase the effectiveness of treatment
  • weak solution of chlorhexidine will disinfect the skin of the back and quickly eliminate acne, you can also use salicylic acid.
  • Competent skin care is also very important and will help get rid of pimples and their underlying cause. Often acne appears on the elbows, which is due to the dryness of the skin in this area, so the hand cream should also be rubbed in the area of the elbows.

Ineffective treatment of acne on the shoulders requires the use of more powerful drugs, such as Accutane, available in pharmacies. Among such medicines, there are antibacterial creams, retinoids, hormones, antibiotics. The main actions of drugs against acne are the removal of inflammation, the destruction of unfavorable microflora, drying the skin, purifying and narrowing the pores, as well as reducing gloss and weakening the secretory function.

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