Compliance with diet in the treatment of acne with Accutane

Diet when using Accutane and other drugs against acne from pharmacies is necessary since proper nutrition improves the state of the immune system, which has a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

The basic principles of healthy nutrition in the fight against acne on the face can be formulated as follows:

  • diet should be designed for a high volume of fiber
  • diet for skin from acne should be low-fat
  • amount of salt should be minimal
  • amount of carbohydrates, refined and dairy products should be seriously reduced
  • exclude fried foods.

Compliance with diet The incidence of acne varies in different countries. So, some people of Asia and Africa are practically not familiar with such a disease as acne and their adolescents go through a puberty period without acne. Of course, this is largely due to genetics, but there is a number of lifestyle factors that significantly reduce the risk of acne. The analysis of the facts has led scientists to the conclusion that the daily diet is important. During the research, it was found out that in countries where the main part of the food plants products with a minimum proportion of animals (saturated) fats, the incidence of acne is lower than the world’s average.

These observations along with the results of numerous studies served as the basis for a diet for acne on the face recommended by professional dermatologists.

The menu should be prepared taking into account the following factors:

  • fiber in the amount of 20-30 grams or more is required for daily use; this will improve the work of the intestines, remove toxins from the body before they reach the skin
  • saturated fats should be eliminated as much as possible from the diet. Making a bet on low-fat foods, you can consume white poultry (for example, chicken soup). Lean meat, beef, and especially pork are not recommended. Diet from acne on the face should take into account the effect of fat on the level of hormones that directly affect the process of formation of acne
  • peanuts and other nuts are undesirable. Numerous studies have confirmed the direct dependence of the progression of the acne disease on the use of nuts (especially peanuts)
  • fried food is highly undesirable with acne. Such dishes should be excluded from the menu or reduced to the minimum
  • salted and canned food is desirable to be limited
  • dairy products (milk, sour cream, etc.) should be removed from the menu if it comes to the acute phase of acne. Restrictions of the dairy sphere are concerned, including cheese and ice cream, as well as cereals in milk
  • fast carbohydrates are the reason for the rising level of insulin in the blood, which, in turn, provokes increased production of testosterone, causing hormonal failure and, as a consequence, acne. Products containing “bad” carbohydrates are soda, baked goods, sweets, potatoes, products made of corn, etc.

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