Causes of acne on the back and shoulders and its treatment

The appearance of severe acne in the area of back and shoulders bring a person psychological discomfort, depression in an attempt to get rid of rashes quickly. But before you start to treat acne with some pharmacy drugs, it is important to find out their cause, because only then we can talk about the effective elimination of any type of rash. More often, such acne on the shoulders or back appear because of clogging of the glands and disruption of their work, but for this, risk factors are needed: bacteria, skin contamination or internal diseases. Acne in the area of elbows, on the shoulders and back are hard to treat at home, so we will consider the frequent causes of acne and effective methods for their removal.

In some people, acne on the shoulders and back appears in adolescence and persists for a long time, which speaks of hormonal disorders. In this case, self-medication will be useless and without the right medication, directed at the main cause of the external defect, will be costly. Causes of acne on the back

The formation of pimples on the back, shoulders or hands is a usual problem, both among women and men. The main cause of it is the blockage of pores, but there are still many reasons that a person may not even guess about. The general classification divides all factors into two groups: external and internal.

External causes of acne on the shoulders, back, and arms are:

  • tight clothing, synthetic fabric
  • allergic reaction to tissues or cosmetics
  • harmful products
  • poisoning of the body with toxic substances that can come with food, alcohol, and during smoking
  • lack of vitamins in the body
  • frequent cosmetology procedures
  • prolonged exposure to the sun
  • emotional factor, the experience of stress, the constant oppressed state.

Internal risk factors for acne on the shoulders and back are:

  • puberty, hormonal reorganization
  • gestation period
  • gynecological diseases and urological diseases in men
  • pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, dysbiosis
  • genitourinary disorders
  • diseases of the endocrine system, including hyperthyroidism.

The nature of the appearance of pimples on the shoulders can be associated with long hair, noncompliance with hygiene, wearing tight clothing. Often the rash appears against the background of psychological problems and serious mental disorders.

Treatment of acne with Accutane will be most effective only if you know the exact cause of a particular case of the disease.

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