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Effect of the drug

Adipex, like Generic Adipex on the basis of Phentermine, is a drug similar in structure to amphetamine. This medicine is anorexigenic. It affects the brain and nerves, helps increase the frequency of the heart rhythm and affects the pressure. It is used most often as an auxiliary remedy in addition to diet and exercise.

Group description

Phentermine from the group of drugs for weight loss is used only for radical weight loss in the presence of such a disease as obesity. Other popular remedies are Meridia and Fluoxetine (also used as an antidepressant).

Preliminary measures

Be sure to check before you buy Phentermine online and start using Phentermine without prescription, if you have any problems with:

  • thyroid gland
  • epilepsy
  • diabetes
  • anxiety.

If at least one of these diseases is present in your body, you need to refrain from taking this medication. In the case of emergency, you can take Generic Phentermine under an individual program. In this case, you should not buy Phentermine online and take Phentermine without prescription on your own, because you will need to see a doctor. weight loss Group

For pregnant

It is not possible to say exactly how Adipex will act on the fetus. Avoid self-administration of Phentermine during pregnancy and lactation; this will help you avoid negative consequences for the child.


Be sure to follow the doctor’s recommendations. If in doubt, consult a specialist. The important point: take the pill, washing it down with a full glass of clean water.

According to the rules of admission, Generic Phentermine is recommended to be taken 1-2 times a day, preferably on an empty stomach. Since among the side effects of the drug declared vivacity, try not to take the pill in the evening, it is better to drink the drug in the morning or just in the first half of the day. Do not exceed the dosage and do not break the tablet in half or crush it. Use strictly within the expiration date.

Side effects

If you notice the appearance of serious side effects, ask your doctor for help:

  • allergy in the form of edema, rash, etc.
  • problems with the heart and/or pressure
  • hallucinations.

Much more often and probably, there are other symptoms that should not cause concern:

  • migraine
  • tremor
  • feeling of anxiety
  • dry mouth
  • digestive disorders
  • problems with libido.

adipex side effects The drug is able to provoke addiction, so it is recommended for the treatment to be phased out. This is especially likely with long-term treatment. If any other side effects occur that do not go away for a long time and cause you severe discomfort, ask your doctor for help.


When taking the drug in excessive amounts, more severe side effects may appear:

  • panic attacks
  • tremor
  • impaired breathing
  • attacks of aggression
  • nausea
  • violations of the heart rate and the heart as a whole.

Be sure to follow the rules of admission and the acceptable dose. You may need a dose adjustment if you have health problems. If in doubt, consult a specialist before starting treatment.

How to buy?

You can get Phentermine online and use Phentermine without prescription at your discretion. The main thing is to comply with all dosages and the necessary rules of admission. Why is the purchase of Phentermine online so convenient and popular? Because the main difference between Generic drugs from conventional drugs is in price, and the quality remains at one high level. Forget about problems with excess weight: this drug will help you get back the figure of your dreams! The drug has been tested in many clinical trials, so its effect is proven by the example of many patients.